Friday, February 20, 2009

Seo Content Writing is Specialized

Everyone keeps on saying that content writing will be the next big thing on the Internet and while they are no doubt right ( the search engines have along been sick of keyword stuffed content that's almost indecipherable) we all need to understand that it's not enough to be to just write well. You need to be able to juggle the demands of seo content writing as well.

Keyword Rankings

There's an insatiable appetite for good content and that's evidenced by the number of content writing jobs that come up on any search. Still, you need to remember that as a content writer, you have a client that has specific demands as to what they want in the copy, and although you may know a better way to say something, it's up to you as a content writer to follow their directions and implement the right amount of links and keywords into a seamless melt that will give them the best exposure.

Too Sloppy

All too often content writers can be either too sloppy or deep, and while they may like what they've produced, the rankings and traffic the client receives will leave them unhappy.